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Welcome to Solfina Protocol - Your One-stop-shop on the Solana Blockchain.
Since 2019, the blockchain industry has undergone breathtaking changes. Decentralized finance - DeFi - continues to grow at an exponential rate. The Total Value Locked in different DeFi protocols has exceeded 10 billion U.S. dollars. With the continuous development of numerous on-chain assets and off-chain assets going on-chain, we believe that the Total Value Locked in DeFi protocols will soon exceed 100 billion U.S. dollars. These on-chain assets require fast, frictionless, trust-free, and real-time exchange services, which has led to the rise of new decentralized exchange(DEX) protocols such as Uniswap.
The origins of Solfina Protocol were born from a blended desire, to create a unique and truly innovative trading platform that would resonate with the emerging superiority of the Solana blockchain, whilst also serving a global and burgeoning audience at the frontier of the decentralised finance industry.
Building on Ethereum would hinder us from implementing the best possible user experience, so we built on Solana instead. We are following other influential players in the field with their choice of platform here and are excited to pioneer the Solana ecosystem together with everyone that is already building on it.
We are just getting started. Come on board and be a part of internet history as we define the next generation of user experiences on Web3 and empower innovation in a trustless world through Solfina products.


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