1.Q1 - 2021
Solfina Core Team committed the first line of code. 2. Q2 - 2021
Seed Funding, team building, prototyping.
3. Q3 - 2021
Deployed the first version of protocol on Solana Dev Net Bug bounties, and UI/UX improvements. Continuously iterate risk formulas.
Closed Alpha.


Public Beta.
Deployed the first stable version on Solana Main Net. Issued governance token $SOLFI and started $SOLFI liquidity mining.
2. Q1 - 2022
Continue with algorithm upgrades to offer better price solutions and expand to more networks. Continue with DeFi derivative product aggregation. Launch DEXs, Stake, Pools & Farm.
3. Q2 - 2022
Launch best price future price trading with algorithms to spilit routes and assist best trades in all similar future products. Help trader capture investment opportunities such as price spread.
4. Q3 - 2022
Launch intelligent wealth management services. Launch a platform that can easily and quickly create NFTs on Solana. Launchpad, sBank - Borrow & Lend.
5. Q4 - 2022
Tackling Bigger Challenges.
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